Swim, Bike, Run

Swim, Bike, Run

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I've talked about my knee surgery and running and now I am going to throw biking/cycling into the mix. 

For Christmas this year, my boyfriend surprised me and gifted me a road bike. After returning home from the Toronto Triathlon Festival last July, I expressed interest in in maybe competing in a triathlon. This gift pretty much turns my maybe into eventually competing in one.

I wont be competing this year as my knee is still healing and I want/need to start training. Jenn and I went to an information session regarding triathlons put on in Regina which gave us a lot of helpful tips and tricks. There is a lot of preparation that needs to happen in order to compete. 

It was winter when I received my bike and I wasn't able to ride it yet so it collected dust at my place until the weather improved enough that I was able to take it outside. Kenton then decided to push me a little harder and bought me bike shorts and a helmet (which is very important) for my Birthday in March. Now I really don't have an excuse!

A couple of weekends ago I took my bike out for its first ride. I have not been on an "outside" bike in a while it was a bit scary. I was terrified of the "skinny" wheels, high seat and how quickly it gained speed going down hills but after a few minutes I began to get the hang of it. I let go of the brakes and enjoyed just being on a bike again.

I am excited to have a bike to ride again and can't wait to get out more this summer and enjoy the change up of exercise. It will take some getting used too and hard work but I am confident that I will enter a triathlon soon.

Now all I need is the swimming portion and i'll be set to compete in my first triathlon. I swam a lot growing up so I should pick that up again quickly. The tricky part of training is open water.

Who knows, maybe Kenton will buy me water wings and goggles for our anniversary!

Janelle Catherwood, CAIB
Sports Risk Advisor